Titus Kaphar


Titus Kaphar was born in 1976 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He currently lives and works between New York and Connecticut, USA. His artworks interact with the history of art by approriating its styles and mediums. Kaphar cuts, bends, sculpts and mixes the work of Classic and Renaissance painters, creating formal games and new tales between fiction and quotation.



About Visia


"As is often the case in Kaphar’s work, what is unseen, unspoken, and not understood is given greater weight, emphasis, and voice than what was revealed, depicted, or captured in the original genre. Each piece in some way embodies both liminality, that place betwixt and between, and metamorphosis – whether it is from the second to third dimension, painting to sculpture, or figure to abstraction." - Stella Maria Baer
excerpt from Behind the Veil catalogue


Behind A Veil Of Beauty


Classical Disruption





The Vesper Project

From this verbal and pictorial dialogue emerges the story of a 19th century family who are able to “pass” as a white family in New England although their mixed heritage makes them “Negro” in the eyes of the law.


360° Vesper Panorama

View the 360° Panoramic Virtual Tour of Titus Kaphar‘s Vesper Project at Friedman Benda Gallery in New York City. This panoramic tour was photographed by our friend Sam Rohn. An amazing piece of work we recommend you experience for yourself.

In Collaboration With Sam Rohn

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